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A light heart lives long .豁达者长寿。 And then there are unforgettable memories of the day 再深的记忆也有淡忘的一天

Can not be friends after breaking up, because the two sides hurt 分手后不可以做朋友,因为彼此伤害过

I would like now to seriously indifferent room of wonderful。我只想现在认真过的精彩 无所谓好与坏。

Laughter is the root of all evil.笑是一切罪恶的根源。

Love is the season Yizhenyin sigh; The eyes have it purified the lovers of Mars; Love it aroused waves of tears. It is the wisdom of madness, choking bitterness, it does not tip of honey.爱情是叹息吹起的一阵烟;恋人的眼中有它净化了的火星;恋人的眼泪是它激起的波涛。它又是最智慧的疯狂,哽喉的苦味,吃不到嘴的蜜糖。

Love to talk about a bit of a surprise to people to learn the total patient injury。谈一场恋爱 学会了忍耐 总有些意外 会让人受伤害。

Love, and the same charcoal, burning, need to find ways to ask cooling. Allow an arbitrary, it is necessary to heart charred。爱,和炭相同,烧起来,得想办法叫它冷却。让它任意着,那就要把一颗心烧焦。

No matter how long night, the arrival of daylight Association。黑夜无论怎样悠长,白昼总会到来。

Re-loved, but also a day to flee 再爱的人,也有远走的一天

Sweet love you, precious, I disdained the situation with regard emperors swap。你甜蜜的爱,就是珍宝,我不屑把处境跟帝王对调。

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